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Monday 3 May (London-Newbury)

Up very early to catch Heathrow Express back to Airport to pick up rental car.Boys getting very good at organizing themselves and their bags. Will this continue back in NZ?…hmmm!No problems getting out of London and finding Hampton Court Palace. Struck it lucky as it was a special day at the Palace as they were celebrating and reinacting the marriage of King Henry VIII to his 5th wife Cateryn Parr(the lucky one-she survived head intact)Actors were wandering round in beautiful 15th century costumes chatting with tourists. Lachie experienced the wrath of the King when he dared to look at him…”Don’t eye-ball me boy!!!” Are all these boys yours madam. Yes says Mum, You must tell me your secret.! Hampton Court palace is a wonderful place. You could spend the day there. The gardens are outstanding. We had fun in the maze. The lake and fountains were spectacular. The plalace was vast. It was easy to imagine life with HenryVIII, Zoomed over to Windsor Castle for a look at the Queens favourite home. Boys worked out how they could storm the Castle walls. Lachie reckoned he would wear camouflaged clothing (Brick) and spiderman hands and feet. Bumped into a tour guide who ended up talking with us for twenty minutes about the castle…..very interesting. Bought some British chips then in the car to Stanford Dingly to catch up with Cushla and Mike. Lovely to see them both looking so good and enjoying English life at their new homestay. So cute. An old cottage low ceilings recently upgraded. We could live in this place. Had to move on to Newbury and land on Nic , Tony and little Sophies place. Great to see them. They’ve over hear for 6 or so years working at Downes House school for girls. Boys in the tent and Mum n Dad in a real bed. Been a big day.

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