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9/10/2014 Wednesday He’ll Give You the Shirt Off His Back!

The Navigator only booked us for 2 nights here at the Camp Bell campground so we could see what the place was like. It turns out that we like it here and chose to stay through Saturday so the Nav had to walk over to the office at 8am and re-up us for the rest of the week. The office door was locked so she rang the bell. Slowly the the door creaked open and there stood a hairy pot-bellied man with no shirt on motioning the Nav inside. Forty minutes later the Nav came ambling back to the RV with a handful of brochures. We were lucky to sign up this morning because there is a big group of RV’ers coming in today for the week. Apparently, Ape Man had recommended numerous places to visit and places to eat. He recommended seeing the Rockwell Museum (no relation to Norman) then go across the street to Atlas Pizza for lunch.

The Rockwell Museum is dedicated to the artwork of the West as in cowboys and Indians. This was a fantastic place to visit and the artwork was incredible. There were pieces by Remington and Russell both famous western artists. They both visited the old West and painted and sculpted scenes of Indians, Indian villages, cowboys and horses. Russell was a cowboy, a philosopher, a poet and an artist and often visited the Northern Plains Indians which he claimed changed his life forever. Big deal! The Navigator changed my life forever, so there!

After my submersion into culture, we scurried across the street to the crowded Atlas Pizzeria and sped upstairs to the additional seating area. I ordered a 14” fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato pizza and Anita ordered 10” fresh spinach, portabello, mozzarella and basil pizza. People, I cannot describe how thin and light the crust was and how fresh the toppings tasted. It was almost like eating air it was so light. I ate my whole pizza and didn’t feel stuffed up. That’s a good thing because I had dessert (not Georgia) on my mind.

Anita insisted we walk the length of Market St to make room for our dessert. What? I can walk to the corner and have room for dessert! So, we walked. We came upon a Corning Factory Store that had every kind of Corelle dinnerware and Revere ware. Naturally, we had to go in thus putting my wildly anticipated visit to Dippity Do Dah’s in abatement. Finally, after looking at dishes and gadgets, we were once again mobile and heading to dessert destiny. Entering Do Dah’s was a thrill: you could smell the aroma of fresh baked waffle cones waiting to be filled with Dippity”s fresh homemade ice cream. I swear you could even smell the frozen ice cream! I ordered the pistachio nut cone and Anita had the chocolate peanut butter cone. The ice cream was heavenly smooth and laden with butter fat; big chunks of pistachio nuts abounded throughout the ice cream adding a delightful little crunch with each bite. Anita’s chocolate ice cream had gobs of peanut butter that mixed ever so nicely when given a loving lick of the tongue. This, my friends. is the secret to a happy life…..velvety pistachio nut ice cream dwelling within the cavity of a freshly baked waffle cone! It’s pure ZEN.

We stopped back at CMOG to pick up Anita’s glass projects and they turned out beautifully; She is thrilled with her handy work!

Tomorrow, who knows where we’ll be: a winery?; a brewery?; a museum?; a state park? or a bakery?

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