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Our Campsite in the Forest

Bringing wood for the kitchen

Local Lady bringing food to the kitchen

Local villagers preparing dinner in the kitchen

Cooks at work

Bringing water for our showers

M.A.S.H. style showers - where's Radar & Colonel Potter ?

Wooly Necked Stork

A One-Light Campsite

Chinese Pond Heron & White Breasted Crake in Passing

That's a BIG Termite Mound

A field of the the mound breathing vents

And a BIG Leaf !

Relaxing after dinner

Cooking breakfast

Saying Good-bye in the morning

We have now travelled deep into the countryside to a remote village in the Chhep Wildlife Sanctuary. A few hours of gravel/dirt roads leads to a campsite in the forest.

Not a radio tower or power pole has been seen for many dusty miles. A single light bulb depends on its electron source from a solar powered battery. Cooking provided by local villagers who over wood-fired campfires prepared some great tasty meals; a soup of local tree leaves was especially good. The canvas bag (manually filled by manually transported water) with nozzle shower immediately brought images of the TV series MASH 4077. Think luke-cool or refreshing, as you prefer. Parsimonious use of said water definitely endears one to those fellow shower desirees awaiting their turn inline behind you; and earns gratitude from the village ladies who had to carry on their heads the 10-15 gallon water buckets I know not how far !?

The forest was a cornucopia of woodpeckers; saw 13 different species in a few days. Getting pictures thereof with my little camera proved to be a futile endeavor, so we just enjoyed the moment and entrusted it to our memories.

It was a very enjoyable and comfortable couple days spent in this remote forest.

Next we retrace many miles down dusty dirt/gravel roads back to paved Route 7 , and down to Kracheh on the mighty Mekong (actually crossing it along the route at Stoeng Treng). Route 7 is the longest paved highway in Cambodia at 461 km; there are only 1990 kilometres (1,240 miles) of paved highway in all of Cambodia.

Will spend one night in urban Kratie before heading far inland to the east near the Vietnam border. Kracheh vs. Kratie - So far have learned that Cambodians (and their maps & roadsigns) fully & linguistically utilize artistic license in the naming of towns & cities. Even Google Maps has a challenging time (as have had I) in defining locations of places; if the place every even does make an appearance on a map !.

Ciao for now

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