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A cute pussy cat at our hostel


We met quite a lot of these guys on our way through...


A pretty waterfall 2 minutes from town




A dragon-fly




A pretty flower



John's calf! He is cycling from England to Australia (and he likes...


There he is being a macho cyclist

Although, he is a bit afraid of crossing the bridge!


Here is the Turquoise coloured lake


The black coloured lake (with our shadows)








That tiny black dot down there is Da! (don't worry he did...







This one is brown at the moment, but at certain times in...





A pretty flower with the turquoise lake int the background

That's Tara on the edge of the crater with her umbrella



On our way back, it was impossible to see the horizon -...


The lakes are somewhere up there - we are making our way...







They don't seem to have the same protective gear in Indonesia as...

The waterfall was very nice so Tara went back for a swim...

That's Tara swimming under the waterfall


They were very keen to touch her hair




John showing how good the banana porridge is at this restaurant

Maria making traditional dinner for us at our hostel

Da and John battling it out at chess








We loved Moni, and after 3 days of morning bus journeys, thoroughly enjoyed stopping still for a few days! Moni is a beautiful village, surrounded by rice paddies and Kelimutu volcano, with hot springs and a beautiful waterfall - perfect! We spent lots of our time here at the waterfall, and Tara made some young local friends swimming under (and through!) it.

We also took motorbikes up to see the multicoloured lakes at the top of Kelimutu: there are 3 of them, one turquoise, one black, and one brown.

The 3 hour walk back down was tiring and very hot (we'd timed it perfectly so that we could be walking at midday!), especially as our short cut turned out to be a bit longer than expected(!), but the views were incredible, and we got to walk through some fascinating traditional villages.

We also spent a fair amount of time here eating banana porridge with John (who cycled here from England!!) :).

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