Gleason Beach on the Sanoma Coast


Bodega Bay Inn

Bodega Bay Marina

We saw a lot of taffy and kite stores

Lots of Raven & "The Birds" stuff for sale :-)

A stop at the Tides Wharf

The Tides Restaurant

Whaling Pot

The boat dock at Tides Wharf

View of the bay

Another view

Bodega Bay Post Office

The church from the movie ...The Birds

The Potter School from the movie

Another view

Homes in the area have the most flowers I have seen..

The whole yards are covered, they were awesome!!

This one done in yellow

An incredible neighborhood

Bodega Bay RV Park

Camping at Wright's Beach

Seals on the rocks and in the water

Closer view


The Death Rock

People on rocks nearby

California Quail landed on the picnic table :-)

Last one!!

Today we drove about 20 miles to visit the small town of Bodega Bay. We made quite a few stops on the way there and back. The Sonoma Coast is loaded with beautiful State Beaches and too many parks to see in one day. There are seals all over the rocks and incredible views with wild flowers all along the way. It was an awesome drive.

Bodega Bay is where "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock was filmed. Everywhere you go you will see items for sale with memorabilia from the movie. We visited the original schoolhouse where Tippie Hedren and the schoolchildren took refuge, then tried to flee from the flock of Ravens. We had clam chowder at Tides Wharf, this is where the original Tides Restaurant was located at the time of the movie. It has been expanded and remodeled several times since the movie. Now I have to buy this movie and see it again, for sure. :-)

On the way back home, we stopped at Wright's Beach to check out the campsites. They are right on the beach, but with no hook-ups. After reading about all the deaths from people walking on the rocks and being hit with sneaker waves, I don't think I want to camp there. The warning says Death Rock is a dramatic rock island that despise warnings has lured many to their deaths through the years. The island causes the waves to have peculiar patterns causing "sleeper" waves that suddenly seem to rise from a calm sea and engulf the unwary on shore.

We read this same warning at the lighthouse in Crescent City and chose not to walk and take the chance. We heard on the news a couple of days later while we were in Eureka, that two men had tried to walk out and fish by the lighthouse and drowned from one of those waves. Yikes! I love camping on the beach, but not where they warn about that kind of wave. I took pictures of people still walking on some of the rocks today. I will just enjoy the view and the seals. :-) More later from California.

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