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Christchurch Cathedral

River Avon


Captain Cook only stopped for a ...










Time to leave the Aussies behind with their "prize" (which is coming back to Lord's anyway!) and their petty rules and regulations covering just about anything. The two most over-used phrases we've encountered so far are:

"Strictly no ..." (enter anything you like here - there's a rule covering it) and

"Fines Apply"

So now we have all gone our separate ways. The Websters are on their way to Vietnam & Cambodia, Welsh Steve & Chris to South America, Benylin's gone back to Perth to do a summer season selling timeshares before going back to do the same in Portugal and it's New Zealand for me. Beats working!

Christchurch. The most English city in New Zealand apparently. And English weather too. I might need my kagoule FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 8 WEEKS!

Underneath the statue of Captain Scott is the following inscription:

"I do not regret this journey which shows that Englishmen can endure hardships help one another and meet death with as great fortitude as in the past"

He must have done an Ashes tour.

There seems to be a lot of Irish people here and the ceilidh in The Bog was quite impressive. Unfortunately the pictures don't really capture the atmosphere but nevertheless we all enjoyed the ... er ... craic!

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