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A big lizard!

The first waterfall (with lots of resident birds)

It's ok, she's not going to jump!


Our first view of the bigger falls!

Sorry, there're a lot like this - but isn't it stunning!!


A big brown bird! (that's its Latin name!)

The bird (bottom left) and his waterfalls















Darius the wildlife photographer!

... and here's the bird he was photographing!






Da levitating!!



What's that in the bin???

It was a cute, fluffy, hungry, bag-stealing coatie!!





They look cute, but one nearly stole our lunch!







Obviously the focus here is really his stomach!





It's a fish!


Da crossing one of the walkways on our way to the Garganta...









Our first sight of the 'Garganta del Diablo'

The sheer size and power of it was breathtaking (and these photos...



















Birds in the mist of the waterfall

The setting sun as we set off back across the river



Eating breakfast

Lazing by the pool!



On our way down the Macuco trail


There's the waterfall!

It's a bit chilly!










Coaties in the trees!













This waterfall was dry yesterday!!!


A capybara

... and a guinneapig!


The three frontiers - sitting in Argentina, looking at Brazil (on the...






A huge Argentinian steak (no need to worry about us going hungry!)

One of the ghekos on our hostel wall

Our last call in Argentina! We LOVED the falls and the national park (tho our legs are exhausted from all the walking!). The number of waterfalls, and the variety of animals and especially butterflies were incredible, and the biggest fall - the Garganta del Diablo - was fairly indescribable, but literally breathtaking! We were in Puerto Iguazu for a few days and also walked down to the three frontiers (where we could see Brazil and Paraguay across the rivers from Argentina). We stayed at a lovely hostel with a pool :), and met a nice couple from Australia - Nicole & Jason - who were on their honeymoon, and beat us at cards!

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