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The Killing Fields - Graves

Temple housing 8000 skulls

The Story

S-21 Torture School

One of the Cells about 6ft x 3ft

Another day another city, after an rather hairaising 4 hour taxi ride and spending the next hour on a cyclo trawling the cities backpacker hostels we finally rested in a place that was infested with touts basically wanting to take you on a tour of the Killing Fields and S-21 the toture chambers that was once a school.

So eventually we relented again into tours and took a couple of motorbikes and a tuk tuk for the ladies and off we trotted to these sites.

Well after the Ladnmine Museum certainly for me(Craig) there was nothing that was going to affect me more, but The Killing Fields just sends shivers through you.

We were fortunate enough to have a guide to show us round and the stories of how people were rounded up, essentially all skilled labour in Phnom Penh and surrounding towns were put to work growing rice and then killed, it is believed that up to 2m people perished under the Pol Pot regime and we saw just a few of the sites where they were discovered and to this day still discovering body parts, absolutely horrific.

After a brief lunch break we headed off to S-21 which as previously mentioned was a converted school, which ended up being a torture chamber where something like 17000 people passed through of which only 8(I think) survived. Nowadays this place is a musuem where there you can come and look around and see the photos of the poor people who perished here also.

So enough of the heavy stuff for one day, Guess what we discovered in Phnom Penh also, you guessed it...Raffles Hotel also and you know what they had the same promotion here also, so nothing for it off we went once again to drown the days attrocities over a nice Long Island Ice Tea or Pina Colada.!

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