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9/11/2014. Thursday. Today Was A Real Corker!

It rained all night and most of the morning which was fine since Anita and Jenny talked on the phone until 1:45am. By the time we hit the road for our daily field trip the weather cleared up but it was still overcast. We took the back roads to Hammondsport on Keuka Lake. Keuka Lake is one of the Finger Lakes but I don't think it is the Middle Finger Lake. Our destination was the Bully Hill Winery located up a very high hill over looking Keuka Lake.

The parking lot for Bully Hill Winery was on a sheer cliff overlooking the lake. I gingerly pulled the car amongst the Condors and parked on a slant. Now, we had to walk still further up the hill to the entrance of the visitor center. Once inside, Anita amble over to the tasting bar and, resting her elbows on the bar, began perusing the tasting chart. All of the wines were categorized by variety and from dry to sweet on the taste scale. After tasting numerous wines, she settled on two reds. I liked a medium dry red and a rose. We purchased a case of mixed bottles and then went on a tour of the winery. The guide took us up another hill to the vineyards so we could see grapes hanging on bushes; This was very exciting to see produce in the wild. Anita took multiple pictures of the produce. Then, the guide took us back down the hill and over to the processing area to view 5 silos of wine. Well, that pretty much concluded our tour of the winery.

The founder of Bully Hill was a man named Taylor of the famous Taylor Wines of New York. Taylor sold the business to Coke-a-Cola and they forbade him from using the name Taylor on any wines he made under his new label. He called his new business Bully Hill Winery and he couldn't use his name or his likeness any where on his labels. This made him mad and so friends told him not to let Coke get his goat. This sparked an idea: he bought a manure spreader ( manure still inside) and drove it over to Coke's offices and dumped it in front of the building. he then got a goat and painted the name "Taylor" on it's side and left it in front of the offices. Taylor left a note telling Coke that they got his goat. Coke washed the goat and returned it to Taylor so now on every wine label of Bully Hill is a picture of a goat.

We then drove over to the Keuka Brewery and purchased some craft beer and a hat. Since we don't know Shineola about beer, Anita called BT and had him talk directly to the brewery guy so we could purchase the correct intoxicant.

It was now past lunch time, so we headed back into Hammondsport to eat at the Artisan Bakery and Deli. We both had their fresh chicken soup and biscuits for lunch and for dessert I purchased 2 walnut cinnamon scones, 2 huge chocolate brownies, 2 large blueberry muffins and 4 extra large peanut butter cookies. There is just something about the aroma of a bakery that forces my hand to grab my wallet and help create great gaps in the display cases for the owner to make easier for them to clean the shelves.

Wiping the cookie crumbs off our giddy faces, we headed to the Glen Curtiss museum just down the road. Curtiss built his first airplane one year after the Wright Brothers; they did not know of each other and had no idea they were each working on developing an airplane. Anyway, the museum was full of Curtiss-built aircraft from the early 1900's to WWII. The museum also had a lot of early motorcycles, boats, bicycles and other cool stuff We had a great time wandering around and looking at the old planes. We had a great time today doing a lot of different things.

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