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Big horn sheep

More sheep

Sheep on the slope

Building on the rock

Nice building

AZ time

NV time

Intake towers and low water

Lake Mead

Another photo of Lake Mead

Native Plant (weed)

New bridge

Bridge over the River

Under the Bridge

Spillway under the dam


Transmission Towers angled

Traffic near the Lake

We arrived at the Oasis RV Park in Las Vegas after a pleasant day trip from Williams except for a little roadside repair. When we stopped along the road for a quick walk around, we noticed the rear window of the camper shell had a missing hinge fastener. Ed had some small bolts and washers that worked as a temporary fix until we can get the proper hardware. We will not open the window until we get the hardware to fix the hinge.

The highlight of the drive was the trip over the ‘new bridge’ which has been built to remove traffic from Hoover Dam. The guard rails are solid, and people can’t see over the edge. I’m sure that prevents a lot of ‘looky-loos’ from creating accidents. Also makes folks with a fear of heights comfortable as they pass over the bridge. Judie thought that was a very nice design.

The Oasis is a terrific park, clove to the Silverton Resort and the Bass Pro Shop. That area was our Friday evening outing, and we enjoyed roaming around the complex, playing machines and Ed practiced his Black-jack.

Sunday we took a drive back to Lake Mead and visited the Hoover Dam complex. Ed had understood that no vehicle traffic was allowed on the dam, so we were surprised that tourists could drive over the dam.

We were excited to have a fella ask if we had seen the sheep near the spillway. (Because the lake is so low, there is a fairly large area at the edge near the spillway) But, of course, we searched the area, and found six big horn sheep browsing at the lake edge. How fun to watch them as we moved about the dam area. We enjoyed walking over the dam, looking at the intake towers, the transmission line towers, and the other structures, as well as looking at the new bridge.

After our drive, we returned to the trailer, rested, and prepared for the evening drive down the Strip. We ‘cruised’ the Strip (yep, in the truck) and decided to go into the Bellagio Resort. A nice ‘light dinner’ at the Café Bellagio preceded our walk through the area and the shops. We played a bit, Ed enjoyed winning a little. The bottom line, though, was that we returned to the Silverton and both enjoyed Blackjack there.

Monday morning we headed out, planning to stay at the Calico Ghost Town Campground. However, the Verizon service was non-existent, so we drove into Daggett to stay at the Desert Springs RV Park. It was comfortable for as overnight stay on our way to Bakersfield.

Tuesday we finished the drive to Bakersfield and checked in early (3pm) so we had time to get the camper window hinge hardware. Wednesday, Ed worked at the hydro plant, enjoyed visiting with Jimmy, and Judie had one of those ‘but first’ days. She did get the trailer and truck washed and most of the laundry done.

Thursday morning the rest of the laundry will be done. We are preparing to head on up to Galt on Thursday to spend time with Kim, Galen and grandkids.

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