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Near the park entrance

It was a beautiful autumn day

Standing stone people. See the chief?

Here's his close-up

Words will not suffice this sacred space

Ancients immortilized in stone ?

Across the valley is Cochise's Hideout. That's where the Apache warriors kept...

Here's the view just to the left of the last pic

Ever seen anything like that before?

I sure hadn't. (See my hand in the reflection?)

I got a chance to play with the sun

Like this

No words available

The valley is full of these stones

Sun play

Shadow / light

Looks like a dinosaur head. Whaddya think ?

Erosion of the softer material, but that doesn't take away the magic

Light from the Source

These things are very tall

No words available, only awe

Look a REAL dinosaur !!!!!

That's the stalk of an agave plant where mescal comes from (Yo...

These are ALIVE !!!

What does this remind YOU of ????

A milion places to hide around here

I'm in love with light !!

The big rabbit is looking at me !!!

The trail back. I only saw a tiny bit of this place.

Are words really necessary?

Arizona has some of the most diverse landscapes of anywhere I've been

The sun was going down. Time to head back

But a few more pics on the way out

Agave and light


The mountaintop is "aglow"

Aaahh !! Back at the trailhead

Tired stone (it was a long day)

You like ????

Arizona sunsets are the best

Chiricahua National Park is simply one of the coolest places I've ever been. It is a National Park in Southeastern Arizona near Wilcox, AZ. The remains of Fort Apache are near here. The terrain is very rough and rugged. This is the place where Mangus Coloradas, Cochise, Geronimo and other Apache leaders would take the US Cavalry in order to lose them, then they would hurry aross the valley to the next mountain range, where they kept their families in safety.

Another interesting thing is the different ecological zones that meet here. There are short, squatty Mexican Pines on the south side of mountains and then tall Ponderosa Pines on the north. The same with all of the flora and fauna of this unique place.

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