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Today, I went with my sister, Dottie, to a park in Port Ewen to listen to a couple of bands play. A member of one band is a friend of Dot's husband, Jed, which is why we went there. The day was cloudy and cool, and it was hard to sit there for any length of time. The first band hadn't started yet, so after eating our lunch, Dot and I went for a walk along the streets on the riverside. It was hilly in spots, so the walk warmed us up. There was a variety of house styles to look at along the way - from old brick homes, to victorian mansions to modern oversized houses on the river. But we had a good time walking and talking.

When we got back to the park, the second band hadn't started playing yet and other friends of Jed had just showed up. So, we left him there to visit and enjoy while we went to a neighboring park by car. That was basically a boat launch with a short path that ended at the water's edge showing us remnants of old ships sinking in the river's inlet. From there we made an unannounced visit to my nephew and girlfriend at their apartment. They have a roomy place with privacy bacause of the street's lack of activity. David and Nicole live in an old victorian type house that is now at least 3 apartments. not bad.

This time the band to hear was playing and some of the friends Jed was waiting for had arrived. But it was still cold and drizzly so Dot took me to the nearby town and maritime museum. I learned more about the industries along the Hudson from Newburgh to Albany, as well as the different kinds of boats built here. The shores of the Hudson River were really bustling with activity in the 1800s and early 1900s! Modern technology and costs of business caused the demise of most of the businesses along the river, so now most towns are building up streets for visitors to spend money shopping and eating, and hopefully learning and appreciating the heritage of this important river in NYS. I didn't bring my camera with me on this trip, so I am not being consistent with my travels in my own home state! sorry about that!

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