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Wednesday 5 May.

Nice easy start to day. Took off for Oxford only 30m away. Judy our direction finder found a carpark right in town. Walked past Christ Church college and down the fields lane to the canal bridge. We all jumped into a boat for some Punting. Decided to sit back and have a punter take us around. It was great…relaxing and the boys loved it as we floated past different colleges, fields and talked with Amelio our punter. The highlight was a Swan attacking Campbell and getting a photo of it frame by frame. Lots of laughs at Campbells expense. Walked in the town centre and then weaved our way to the Natural History Museum for lunch. The College buildings in Oxford are so old and unique. Its like walking back in time. Excellent museum of natural History. Big dinosaurs and whales skeletons….Tyrannasaurus Rex….scary. Lots to look at. The boys completed childrens scavenger hunts….tick the schoolwork. Wandered back through the alley ways. Peeped into the college entrance ways….Jesus, Trinity, Magdelene…beautiful grass squares within.Found “The Bridge of Sighs” took a couple of photos to flick back to Connors class who are studying bridges back at school.They might have some fun guessing (from the different bridge photo’s) Where in the world Connor Is! Found an excellent camping shop recommended by Tony and brought a tent, pack, ground rolls, and gas cooker for Europe. Amazing prices….tempting to buy a whole lot more. Great to get back to Newbury. Had yummy BBQ hamburgers with the Ridddles and the boys were tucked up pretty early.

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