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M & M's at the children's home

Lots of friends

All over the car

In the car

In the back

The Petronas towers at night

We had another short drive. This was the part of the trip where days were allowed for people to catch up if they had been left behind, or if we had all been delayed by a rock slide (or an earthquake). We all have to be in Singapore to put the cars on the boat on time. Mercifully, we are all here so there is time to do a few things.

We drove through the tea plantations down to the motorway and then, uneventfully , to Kuala Lumpur. Excellent maps meant that we found the hotel easily. Three cars, the Jaguar, the Aston Martin and a 4-wheel drive, drove to the Yellow House children's home. About 200 children aged up to 18 who are the subject of court orders are cared for there. They often move on when they have been assessed or when the court decides what is best for them. The atmosphere was excellent - the children appeared settled and content and the staff were dedicated and well educated.

The children were given rides in the two classic cars. There was some chaos until the staff organised orderly queues and most people got a ride in each car.

The children then disappeared to calm down before supper. The home is a moslem institution and, since it is Ramadan at present, they break their fast at sunset. The youngest are excused. While we waited we walked in the local market where food and drink was being bought but not eaten.

We were taken to the home by local employees of Masterfoods, M&M's. Thus we were accompanied by two characters and plenty of sweets. After consultation with the staff, Masterfoods provided a McDonalds supper for the children as a treat. We ate the McDonalds feast plus curry, rice and greens, all with the right hand only as the children did.

We all had to autograph the work books about our visit - quite a task as there were about 60.

Photos will have to wait as my connector will not talk to this computer.

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