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St. Ives

Men-an-Tol (in miniture version)

Finished fabric shopping and managed to buy 1 piece of fabric in Truro and now it is time we head back to the coast to follow it around to:

St. Ives which was the most beautiful of all the harbours that Sam and I have seen so far. Our next stop was St. Just were it suprised me that there was a small quilt store which of course we stopped in at. Nothing peeked my interest.

St. Just is a granite town in a granite penisula in Britain's most westerly town and part of a World Heritage Site. Early inhabitants included Medieval, Iron Age, Bonnze Age and late Stone Age. Another of our misses was Ballowall Barrow, a unique and strange example of prehistoric funerary spanning the Neolithic and Middle Bronze Age periods.

We then ventured off to find some obscure GPS co-ordinates to find Morvah, were the

Men-an-Tol is the best know megalithic structure in Britain. It is a donut shaped stone structure 3.5feet tall by 4.5feet wide with an 18inch hole. It is aligned with two flanking stones. Of course when you plan on finding something that is of great historical importance there would be signs of some sort. NOT!!!!!

It was a good thing that I took pictures of the mini Men-an-Tol outside of the St. Just library because we never found it after wandering the back pastures and moors.

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