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This is the 2nd time I’ve stayed at a Newfoundland Provincial Park & the 2nd time I don’t have phone or internet signal. I’ve learned that lesson too late since I leave Newfoundland tomorrow.

No big deal. I finally managed to get a TV signal late this afternoon so will be able to watch Roger’s tennis match tonight (the first time my Satellite Finder actually worked).

I’d read about a Captain Cook Historical site in Corner Brook which was on my route today but Corner Brook is built on the side of a hill & after following the GPS instructions & getting the motorhome up nearly vertical roads, I still couldn’t find the stupid thing.

I bounced along a deeply pot-holed dirt road which I thought might be a dead-end but fortunately it came out into a residential street & I could eventually get back to the highway.

So much for James Cook. I did find out that he mapped this coast in 1764 & his charts were so accurate that they were still in use in the 1900s, just like his charts of Eastern Australia. He certainly knew how to do his job.

The rest of the drive was uneventful but, as usual, there were very few places to pull off. I finally found a truck parking lot where I could stop & have lunch & at least this park is only about 20 minutes away from the ferry terminal.

I'm now sending this from the ferry terminal parking lot, waiting to go on board.

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