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Deer Everywhere

Jerry Fishing Pier

Awesome View From The Pier

Huge Pier

Pier From Other Side

Jerry Setting Up

Gorgeous Clear Water & White Sand

I would love to swim but it's too cold.

Another View

Another Deer

Jetty Fishing

Jerry On The Rocks

Great Catch!

I Waited & Talked To Vickie

Buck On The Beach

Beautiful Sunset

We have really enjoyed St. Andrews State Park. There is so much to do here, six days are really not enough. We would definitely come back here later. There are deer everywhere and they act as tame as dogs wagging their tails etc. So cool!

Jerry decided to try two more fishing areas in the park known as the Pier side and the Jetty side. He didn't have any luck but a guy right next to him fishing with only a string by hand caught a huge redfish so we know the fish are here. I think he needs to change the type of bait. :-)

I took tons of pictures off the huge pier the water is so clear and beautiful. I would be swimming in it in a flash if it was warm.

The jetty side had huge rocks so I spent a lot of time taking pictures and talking on the phone to Vickie while he fished there. On the way back we saw more deer and Jerry stopped to get a gorgeous picture of the sun setting. We enjoyed another wonderful day in paradise. :-)

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