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Inside the Allianz Arena

This guys jacket is the symbol of TSV 1860 Munich

Elizabeth loves football!

Outside the arena

Amazing stadium

December 19, 2010

Today we took the train to Munich and I was keen to get there quickly as I was hoping to go to the football. Our train arrived at 12.30pm and by 12.45 we had got to the hostel, checked in, dumped our bags and were on the way out! We jumped on the underground and were soon at the large and impressive Allianz Arena to watch TSV 1860 München against Paderborn. The stadium was built for the 2006 World Cup and is mainly now the home to Bayern Munich, the bigger of the two teams in the city. As a result, the stadium holds 69,000 but only around 13,000 were there to see TSV 1860 lose 1-0 to a dodgy penalty. The referee was also pretty dodgy but at least our half-time currywürst and beer were good. It was quite weird paying though as you had to “purchase” an Arena Card and pay with that so that took some working out but we did end up with a bit of a souvenir! The stadium was awesome despite the small crowd and they were reasonably upbeat and noisy despite the result and the poor performance.

We jumped on the metro and headed back to the hostel to get checked in properly and find our room. We were in a 6-bed dorm but it was nice and large and fairly decent compared to many of the other larger places we’ve stayed. We hung out at the hostel in the common areas although the smell of mouldy feet was a little over-bearing at times! For dinner we had the traditional German meal of kebab (Elizabeth actually had falafel) before returning to the hostel bar for some happy hour beers and some non-happy hour ones. We chatted to a few different people in the bar including an American idiot who managed to piss Elizabeth off by basically telling her that he wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t in a sorority and even managed to make her fell dumb about her qualification despite the fact she got a much more difficult degree from the same school as this arsehole. She was having a decent night up until that point but he annoyed her and we eventually called it a night. Of course, said American idiot was supposed to be in our dorm room but when he came upstairs with some ugly, fat girl hoping to share his (top) bunk with her Elizabeth told him to “kindly go elsewhere” or words to that effect with more expletives!

December 20, 2010

Today we really did absolutely nothing. We had a plan for the day but when we woke up to crap weather we decided to bin it, have a lie in and just wander around the city centre. We’d come to Munich for two reasons; 1 – it was a good stopping point between Salzburg and Füssen, our next destination and 2 – we liked the beer and currywürst!

So, after deciding we were hungry enough to brave the rain we headed out into the centre and to the Augustiner Brewery for a wheat beer and a lovely currywürst. This is now three currywürsts in three days for us so we were certainly getting our fill of that.

After walking around the market and trying some chocolate-coated flavoured coconut thing we walked back to the hostel where we made the most of the other common area which didn’t have such a smelly feet smell. For dinner our love of currywürst was pushed to one side and we decided to have pizza and although I hate to admit it, the cheap all-you-can-eat deal at Pizza Hut was too much to resist. Unfortunately, half the chavs, adolescents and travellers in the city had the same idea and every time fresh pizza was brought out it was like a scrum around the hot-plate, particularly with one group of guys who were taking almost half a pizza EACH every time they came up. Given each pizza was probably cut into 8 slices these guys must’ve eaten almost two pizzas worth before they were done. It was actually quite disgusting as well as rude and I was quite happy with my much smaller portions!

Tomorrow we head for Füssen and we didn’t do much in Munich as you can tell but then we’d already done most of what we’d really wanted to do first time we were here. We probably could’ve gone straight through to Füssen from Salzburg but Elizabeth really wanted currywürst!

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