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Ceremonial Apache wardrobe

The cat's "Meow" (it looked hot in there)

This was a Father and sons costume with the boys holding the...

Nice pose !!

One of my favorite photographs

A serious group of revelers

This person did a perfect mummy dance for hours

She is a student of the mating habits of the praying mantis...

Constucted with completely movable joints (many are tie rod ends)

One of many original and ingenious costumes

That skull is attached to his back

It actually was her birthday. Note the pics of her loved ones...

King George II expresses himself to the world

This was really large and could be wheeled around by one person....

Actually this woman scared me for some reason !!!!! It wasn't the...

After the ceremony there was an intriguing performance about the alter-consciousness of...

It was one of the most unique performances I've ever seen

These pics are from the All Souls Parade in Tucson, AZ. What a spectacle !!!! I was so surprised by the creativity I saw there. It wasn't all just for fun either. There was a very serious ceremony at the end wherein all the prayer notes were burned in a huge paper mache' barrel. Next year I will be looking for a similiar ceremony to send my love to those who have crossed over and gone back home...............

More Later----

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