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Our campsite at White Sulphur Springs

Smith River Valley Conestoga Campground and it's owner

We got up a little earlier than usual today because we had to travel a little over 300 miles. We usually try to limit our trips to around 250 miles. Again it was nice when we left, but a couple of hours later the storms started to form. After we crossed into Montana on I90, the winds started to blow. We were driving into at least 30 to 40 mph head winds. So much for the mileage. However, as soon as we turned north at Livingson, we were out of the winds (thank the Lord).

But as we soon found out, our luck was to change again. Highway 89 was a good road until we came upon some construction. It was not your routine construction, it was GRAVEL. And with gravel and all the rain they have had recently, there were potholes and MUD! It was a combination of sand and red clay! We had to drive 15 to 20 mph for about five miles.

When we finally pulled into the Conastoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs, the rig was a mess. Usually, campground owners do not allow washing vehicles at your campsite. However, when I told the proprietor that we had come up hwy 89, he smiled and shook his head. He let me rinse the fiver off before the mud dried. That was mighty nice of him.

We decided to stay here 2 nites to get caught up on some chores. Monday we will head up to Glacier National Park where we plan to stay for a few days.

We'll be "Going to the Sun". Follow us...........

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