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Some of the friendly engineering students from Minas Gerais


Playing cards...

... it's complicated & she needed a lot of help!

Being force-fed beer!


He had his bag stolen by a coatie while he was looking...



A lizard in the leaves

One of the many birds that live behing the waterfalls

And there he is photographing the bird!

A dragonfly (honest!!)



A long-sought Toucan!!

The toucan again!

and again!

Another pretty bird!





That's the coatie that stole Da's bag!

He's cute tho isn't he!!

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The falls from the Brazilian side

We decided not to stay in Paraguay long(!), and spent most of the morning negotiating the border crossing to Brazil (it's a long walk over that bridge and we kept trying to speak Spanish to the Brazilians!). Once we were in Foz do Iguaçu it took us another few hours to catch the buses to our hostel (travelling is not easy on Sundays!). We had to sleep in dorms that were about a mile apart(!), but enjoyed the pool here too, and spent the evening with a very friendly group of engineering students from Minas Gerais (19 guys & 1 girl!) who kept feeding us free beer. We had planned an early night, but ended up in a bar in town :). We still made it to the Falls the next day (had to see them from both sides!), and they were still stunning, even in our sleepy state - tho the Argentinian side is definitely the most impressive.

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