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We decided that we would meet at a half way point and say our goodbyes there before all heading our separate ways, and as we (the jeep) were ahead of everyone in the group we were the first to stop and were able to get out and stretch our legs a bit while we waited for the others. Rupert showed up next and we all grabbed a bite to eat as Moglie was taking quite a while. We hadn't heard from Moglie for quite some time when we received a phone call that they were about 10 minutes out and were not sure they were going to have enough gas to make it. Sure enough, about 20 minutes later we see Moglie being sheepishly towed behind a Ford buckie. We were absolutely rolling! If only Craig could have been there to see his super tough Land Rover being rescued by a little Ford! The wooden spoon award was thus shared amongst the Moglie crew for the day. After a few good laughs and lots of big hugs we made our way home to Cape Town. The drive back was long, but the countryside was beautiful. As we got closer to Cape Town and the scenery around me became familiar again the sky grew dark with clouds. We dropped Jacobus off at his house and Charlie and I drove up to campus to drop the Jeep off. I called Mat (my host brother) to come pick me up and Charlie and I said our goodbyes as the rain began to poor down. Mat arrived and we quickly threw my luggage into his car and we drove to what would be my home for the next several weeks. When I arrived to my new home it was all very strange. My host family was very nice and gave me my space to allow me to get settled in. As I was unpacking I was suddenly very aware of the fact that I was alone. I was sitting in my room looking at the carpet and the walls and the lights and realized that this was the first time in over three weeks that I would fall asleep with no one around me.

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