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Another happy hour on the balcony

just another bronze cheeky Greek

Sunset through one of the doors

Cold and windy but beautiful

Just couldn't get enough of it tonight

Ok one more!

And the buildings were almost as pretty.

Yes it was a slow day today. After breakfast some walked into town while others hung around the hotel. Eventually most of us made it to the pool where it was sunny and pleasant. Fortunately there is one heated pool as the other one is chilly! It was hot in the sun but cool in the shade and when the wind blows (which is almost always)! Really quite an uneventful day.

Happy hour arrived and we enjoyed our picnic left overs on the balcony and with a great view. We then walked into town to poke around and eat. Eventually we separated into 2 groups but would you believe out of the 500 eating establishments in Santorini we ended up at the same place.

Gail and I managed to catch some great shots along the water as the sun was setting. What a beautiful spot.

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