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Eating with my parents, Kelli, Dan and Kaia at one of our...

Kaia loves to go for a ride with GG (Great Grandpa)

Kaia loves her Ama and GG

Teaching Kaia the family tradition of lease, a Norwegian staple

Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns the weekend before Halloween, 5,000 pumpkins carved...

Kelli, Dan and Kaia at the Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns

Meme with Kaia in her Halloween costume

"May I Take Your Order, Please?"

Kaia with school friends on Halloween

Our RV at the Naval Academy campground

View towards the Naval Academy at sunset from the campgound

The day after the election....decided to take a quick trip to DC

Beautiful but chilly day to visit our Nation's Capital

Square where the midshipmen of the Naval Academy muster up before each...

It was an amazing sight to see 4,400 midshipmen gather before lunch

Inside the Naval Academy Chapel, consecrated in 1908 and adorned with Tiffany...

The Marine Corps is well represented inside the chapel

Another view inside the chapel

Dennis in front of the statue of John LeJeune, a legendary figure...

We saw this after our tour of the Academy and knew this...

McGarvey's Saloon and Oyster Bar in the heart of Annapolis is where...

Happy 241st Birthday

Montpelier, home to James Madison, 4th President and Father of the Constitution

Dennis inside the formal gardens at Montpelier

Beautiful ornate gates were found all around the grounds

Marion DuPont Scott, the last owner of Montpelier, turned it into a...

Great camping spot at the Charlottesville Elks Lodge

Tiki enjoying the sunset at the Elks Lodge

Walking up to Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson began designing Monticello, a 5,000 acres plantation, at age 26

Entrance to the Jefferson family cemetery which is still in use by...

Jefferson statue at the shuttle bus stop that takes you to Monticello

Greetings! I have been lax with my updates recently so in order to catch up I am going to make my writing brief and let the photos tell the story…..

After we left NYC, we relocated to an Elks Lodge in New Jersey not far from Philadelphia. We went into Philadelphia for a day and also meandered around the area. We saw the requisite sites in Philadelphia and then relocated to College Park, Maryland. I (Cheryl) left Dennis in the able hands of the Bims while I spent 8 days in California visiting my parents, Kelli, Dan and Kaia. Upon my return we parted ways with Charlene and Dennis after spending a little over a month traveling together. Dennis and I moved a short distance to Annapolis, Maryland and we stayed at a very nice campground on the Naval Academy base. We wandered around Annapolis, took a tour of the Academy grounds and spent the Marine Corps birthday at a local pub, McGarvey’s. They have been putting on a Marine Corps birthday celebration for 20+ years and it was amazing! We also took a day trip into DC the day after the Presidential election. I apologize to my DC friends for not seeing you all, we weren’t there very long.

We moved from Annapolis to Charlottesville, VA where we stayed at another Elks Lodge. We used that as our base to visit two more Presidential homes; Montpelier, the home of James Madison and Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. These two men were very instrumental in writing the documents that are the foundation of our country.

Unfortunately our travels were curtailed for a couple days as we discovered a major issue on the RV that will need some serious work but we were very fortunate to be in an area where a very dear friend, James, lives and he steered us to the right place for the repair and it looks like we will be back on the road by Saturday at the latest….thanks, James!!!

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