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Its all about not having a set time to have to get up in the morning (unless you are going on a trip), deciding what to have for breakfast, perhaps taking the dirty clothes to a laundry of which there is one every 2 minutes of walking and for the cost of $1 USD per kg, either finished by late afternoon or the flowing morning.

Then, where to have a coffee, and do I have a local Khmer brew for around 50 cents to a dollar or perhaps an upmarket caffe late for a dollar more. We settle for something in between in an air conditioned cafe and have a pastry and cake.

After a swim and sit by the pool read a few chapters of a book, lunch time looms, I head off to a local cafe leaving Mrs Wombat home to rest her system from over eating last night. Along the way I say no thanks mate to a dozen tuk tuk drivers snoozing in their chariot desperately waiting to take someone somewhere.

I arrive at a favorite cafe, papaya salad and a fruit smoothie (no sugar) is the order for lunch (I actually order a banana smoothie but get a mango, who cares).

In the cafe are two blokes on their lap tops enjoying free WiFi, one bloke I see has been there every day we have eaten there, I recon that he is there every day. The young girl puts on some Khmer music while I struggle with my chop sticks go pick up the peanuts in the remainder of my papaya salad (actually if you can flip over half a peanut you can pick it up), gee its a good salad.

While eating, you watch the world go by, the tourists and others check out the menu out the front, some come in and some move on. Lunch is finished my plate is clean my glass empty $2.50 later I am good to go.

I decide to take the long way home via a bakery, I open the door and was greeted by a young fella carrying a tray asking me what I would like, I say many things but as I look around there is many things that would probably send me into a diabetic coma, so I reluctantly leave empty handed.

I make my way past the many massage shops where I am asked "want a massage sir" I politely say no thanks, the tuk tuk drivers as still asking me (you want a tuk tuk sir) I politely say no thanks mate, and keep walking. I pass the many cafe's and places that sell food thinking this looks nice but knowing that there is not enough lunches and dinners on a holiday to try even a few of them. I walk past the odd construction site where you see as many ladies as blokes mixing cement or heaving bricks to the upper level of a multi story building in a plastic bucket on a simple rope and pully, thinking gee they work hard here.

I stop along the way at a roadside stall selling cheap water, buy a litre as I do need to be drinking more water than beer, Mrs Wombat has been home snoozing (this is why I went to the bakery!) Back at our guest house (could be called a villa, down a few glasses of cold water and time to read and snooze.

It's time for dinner, where do we go and what do we eat, tough decision. We decide back at the bottom of pub street along side the old market, this time for the first time these is not a tuk tuk outside our guest house, but a few short steps and one is there for us, a short ride to where we want to go pay our $2 and we are now the ones trolling looking at the menues and make a decision, Mrs Wombat chooses nice vegetarian noodle and veggies, I run with a spicy beef and rice, a beer to make the night and we pay our $7.50 and we take Stroll around the markets as we eventually head towards our guest house.

We stop along the way, Mrs Wombat buys a bag and we have another foot massage for an hour whilst listening to live music in the adjoining bar, we have a lovely chat with the massage people as this is the third visit and they know us by know, we get a complementary cup of tea and a cold towel and relax. Massage finished we head across to the pancake trolly and buy a banana pancake, actually more of a banana rottie, we decline another half dozen tuk tuk drivers and dordle home, just a typical day in Siem Reap.

In all today I have declined no less than 24 tuk tuk drivers offers, have declined, a dozen or more massage offers, declined at least 12 restaurant offers to eat and and said not today to 20-30 market stall holders desperate for us to buy a scarf, tshirt etc etc.

Tomorrow is another day we will decide when we wake up what to do, this is holiday stuff.

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