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Time to move on from New Hampshire. Speaking of time, we just realized we are only scheduled to have 1 more week on this trip. Realizing that, we decided to pass by Maine, and head south to Massachusetts. Actually if you recall, we did spend 15 minutes in Maine just the other day, but we didn't get a chance to do many tours in that time. We had our breakfast at the hotel, and set our sites on Quincy Mass. for the Adams National Historical Park. We arrived at the National Parks Office in downtown Quincy got our admission tickets and had a quick lunch before the trolley arrived to take us to the site.

The trolley took us to the first stop, two houses that belonged to the Adams Family (snap, snap). The first was a small house built in the 1600s which belonged to John Adams' father John (a popular name in that household). We toured that one and moved next door to the second house, a slightly larger house that came into the possession of the family later. John lived in the first house until he was 15 when he went to Harvard. After Harvard, he apprenticed to a lawyer, and at 21 he did what all 21 year olds do today...he moved back home. After he married Abigail, he moved to the house next door. Later he and Abigail move to the third house on our tour, where he spent the last 20 years of his life. They had three children, one being the future president John Quincy Adams. All in all, four generations of Adams' lived in that house.

The tour lasted about two hours after which the trolley took us back to the downtown office. On our way into the town, Cheryl noticed a building about a block away from the Parks office that she wanted to go back and see. It was (can you guess) The Thomas Crane Library. The outside of the library building was an old gothic stone churchlike building, that was actually two buildings joined together. Inside, you could see it was a quite old building, with circular staircases, numerous rooms, a huge mahogany framed fireplace and beautiful stained glass windows, none of which are conducive to an efficient library, but it was pretty. The library had three floors and a "new" addition dedicated in 2000. That was a fun tour.

When that was finished, we got into our car and began our trip to our hotel in Burlington, Mass. (I just noticed that this is the second time we stayed in Burlington on this trip. Once in Vermont and once here). We started at 4:30 on a weekday afternoon in the greater Boston area. Well, that wasn't a fun drive. Massachusetts drivers have earned a reputation as being some of the worst drivers around...well earned. We got to our hotel at around 6:00. We settled in and decided to have dinner at one of the more famous Boston area eateries...Legal Seafood. It was wonderful. A nice ending to a busy day.

Tomorrow, more in Massachusetts.

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