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I thought this was low tide but it had already been coming...

From the same spot at high tide. You can see how much...

The campground I’m staying at is not far from the Grand Pré Historical site, just across the road from Evangeline Beach which is on the Bay of Fundy.

Naturally, I’ve been watching the tides but you can’t just stay there & watch, you have to go back & forth to see the changes. When I went this morning, I thought the tide was out but it had already been coming in for nearly 3 hours.

I checked the tide charts so was there for the high tide this afternoon. It was only a 14 metre tide today, below the maximum of 16 metres but it’s still 10 ft higher than the biggest tide in Australia at Derby.

I think I’ll get better photos as I travel around the Bay of Fundy during the next few days.

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