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After Angkor we headed back down south to Phnom Penh to pick up our visa's for Viet Nam and say good bye to our friends, Wendy and Lyndell, from Australia, and say goodbye to Amelia, from New Zealand. Once again Shauna had a hard time saying goodbye to our friends we had made. We have decided to have a reunion though in Cambodia some day, so that helped make it a little easier parting ways, also Amelia is going to be in America come fall so she said that she would come and stay with us for a bit after she is done hanging out with Evil Kneeivel's son. LOL....

We had a great time staying on the lake side relaxing. It had this great little common area where people could just lay around watching movies, reading books, and getting news from other travelers.

We visited the Phnom Penh museum, but it was not anything that spectacular after visiting the actual temples where the relics in the museum came from.

We spent 2 nights at the Happy #11 guesthouse with Amelia and then took an early bus to Saigon.

It was sad to be leaving Cambodia after all the great memories we had there. I believe Phnom Penh is my favorite city I have every been to. It has an amazingly raw and real feeling, the inhabitants are extremely poor but they are always smiling and very quick to lend a helping hand to the confused and baffled travelers. Which thanks to our navigational skills was pretty constant.

But we have to keep pushing on, there is lots more to see and I'm sure many more adventures to come.........

stay tuned

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