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View of Petronas Towers from the Westin Exec Lounge..darling!

Spot the tourist on KL's spotless Metro

Chinatown's streetside restaurants

After a brief pit stop in Penang, I can't beleive people spend 2 weeks holiday there..what a dump, well the city was anyway, we moved onto the wonderfully clean and cultural Capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur...we just love it.. The people of the cityare so nice and polite, spotlessly clean and very safe.

The shopping malls provided enless entertainment for us and you know the best bit, well that was seeing Star Wars on the opening day and it only cost us about GBP1.50 each.!

The Petronas towers are a magnificent sight across the skyline and free to go up, as long as you get the tickets by 0800, needless to say we didn't manage to make it up there, so we went to the KL tower whose viewing height was twice that of the Petronas and you had to pay.

Needless to say our stay was certainly enhanced by our accomodation at the Westin, another lovely hotel, amazing what traveling the world for all these years allows you to afford whilst backpacking.. what do points make...yeah cheap hotel nights.!

Chinatown is a fab nightspot to spend hours whiling away beers and people watching, as well as hassling the market traders instead of being hassled.

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