USA 2016 Friendship Rally travel blog

Following the Bentley

The mist was visible from some distance




Bautiful house in Kansas City

The barn in which we danced

The pig!

Kansas City skyline

Kansas City is great! Tall buildings, pretty neighbourhoods, a creek running past our hotel and a girl from Sutton Coldfield behind reception. Not many photos, though as we have been busy (problem of a rattle when we went over bumps now solved and I have had my hair cut).

We had a long dusty journey to get here. 589 miles during which we traversed the whole of the state of Kansas and we are now just into Missouri - our 13th state. The long journey was not as much of a problem as we had anticipated. The worst problem with the weather was the sun directly in our eyes as we left Colorado Springs. there was a stretch of very low cloud on the motorway. After a short while it cleared enough to make no difference to the driving and was a relief from the hot sun. Maximum temperature later was 37C.

We passed cows, alpacas, sunflowers and maize. There were occasional things to look at. Lunch was brief and I did a stint of driving afterwards. The boredom was alleviated by music and podcasts.

In the evening we had a great meal very near the hotel including gewurtztraminer wine and flatbreads that were just like tarte flambée.

David and Debbi Gault have fixed their water pump. They drove 700 miles and joined the group today (Thursday)!

This evening we are invited to a barbecue and barn dance by some friends of Rick and Stuart W.

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