Into the sun 16/17 travel blog

Well after 6 great days in a new park in a familiar area it was time to move on to Vegas and get ready for race week. We had super weather for the visit of Randi's friend from High Level Alta. Lots of laughs, bit of wagering, pool time, too much food and all the shopping 2 ladies could fit into 5 days. Lauren was as white as driven snow when she arrived and left with a real head start on her summer tan. I said she was as red as a lobster but what do I know. Enjoyed the Atlanta race a lot but fell off the smoking wagon after quite a few wobbly pops so must restart my plan again, that's ok I'm told it takes some people multiple attempts so away I will go again. I must admit it does make you feel a lot better not smoking so wish me luck. It was a pleasant 330 mile drive to Vegas and another favorite park before we head to the track on Thu, weather forecast to be in hi to mid 80s for the weekend. Looking forward to meeting up with friends from Utah and talking racing and last years activities since we last met. Getting ready to watch Survivor so will sign off and talk again when we are back in Phoenix.

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