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Preparing for our big event

Getting instructions

You can see parts of all seven of us!


Chey and Grandpa

Chey has her eyes open!

Pond in the dunes. That's the true water level.

Very tall dune!

Elise and Cori

A group shot

Nice group of folks!

Dunes with the ocean in the background

Those are our tracks....

Rained the day before...

Rode along the beach for a bit

A level area

Roger, our great driver

Florence across the Siuslaw River

Tuesday morning we met with Chad to go over our warranty items and he planned to work on them over the next 2 days. We then packed up Toad with our granddaughter (Chey) and the dogs and headed for Florence. Cori, Doug and the girls were on a week’s vacation in Florence and we were going to get together with them for 2 days. We first went to the Best Western to check-in. It was a little pricey with the $40 for the 2 dogs but it had an indoor pool and hot tub to enjoy with Chey. We went to their rental house and after a little catch-up, we drove to Yachats for a little exploring on the beach and in tide pools at low tide. Dinner at the Bay Street Grille in Florence Harbor to complete our day with the Lawrence family. We had time for the hot tub and swimming pool before it closed at 10 pm, then a peaceful night.

Wednesday Cori had made reservations for the 7 of us to go on an hour dune buggy ride. We went on the Sandland Wild and Exciting Tour in their giant dune buggy. Our driver Roger had been doing this for over 20 years and really gave us an exciting ride. This could be better than a roller coaster. We toured a lot of the sand dunes and beach area in the hour. The buggy can get to 65 mph on the flats and has lots of horsepower to climb the steep dunes before he takes you almost straight down from the top. Roger also gave us a little history, geology and dune behavior in our breaks. We needed breaks to catch our breath and enjoy the great views. We said goodbye to Cori, Doug, Allison and Elise and headed back to Coburg and the coach. When we got back to Paul Evert’s, Chad was just finishing the repair on the door leak and had the central vacuum working. We finished the day with dinner at the Corner Café in Brownsville with Ed and Chey and said our goodbyes to them.

Thursday we headed north and made an overnight stop at Cabalas in Lacey WA. We had heard that Cabala’s are friendly to RV’ers and allowed overnight stays. This Cabala’s even had a dump station for visiting RV’s. We had time to eat and shop in Cabala’s and left them a little money. It was a quiet area they had for us to stay and we were joined by 5 other RV’ers for the night.

Friday we continued our travel north to Monroe WA where we will spend 11 nights at the Thunderbird RV Resort. We will be able to visit with Rich and Gerd, be at their big 4th celebration, and maybe a little golf for Ed and Rich.

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