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Narrow streets of Rethymno

Rethymno from the fortress

Views from the fortress

Views from the fortress

Elizabeth, proudly wearing her Palace shirt!

February 14, 2011

We were going to stay in a different part of Crete for the next couple of days so we had to get up and pack up. Elizabeth went out and got us both a hot chocolate from Starbucks for breakfast before we headed out. We walked to the bus station and got a bus to Rethymno, barely making the bus and avoiding an hour wait in the dodgy looking bus station. We caught the 11.30 bus and were making our way into Rethymno just after 1pm. After a short walk to the hostel we got checked in and then went for some lunch. Neither of us were too hungry and so we stopped at a café for a drink and a sandwich and to make use of the free wifi!

We had a walk around the town after lunch. There wasn’t much we wanted to do here but we’d heard it was livelier in the winter as it is a student town and more things would be open. This didn’t seem to be the case but as most things close mid-afternoon we’d see what we could find tomorrow!

As we got back to the hostel late afternoon the weather changed and the bright sunny day was replaced by dark storm clouds and eventually some very heavy rain. We sat in the common area at the hostel and listened to the rain falling. It didn’t stop at all so in the evening we decided we’d order pizza to be delivered. We tried calling ourselves but they couldn’t understand us so we got the hostel manager to call and 20 minutes later we were faced with a large Mexicana pizza!

After we’d eaten that we went up to the dorm rooms. They weren’t exactly full of home comforts and our room didn’t even have a plug socket to charge the laptop. We sat on one of the beds, drank some of the wine we’d been given by the hotel in Santorini and watched some of The Office until the battery ran out and then we went to bed!

February 15, 2011

Today we got up and walked around the fortress and Venetian harbour in Rethymnon. It wasn’t anything too spectacular but it was exercise and fresh air and, for a while at least, decent weather. However, that didn’t last and soon it started raining so we took shelter in a café and indulged in a warm drink! We hung out there longer than we would’ve done normally but as soon as a break in the rain appeared we made our move. We wanted to find somewhere for lunch but everywhere close by was closed and so we ended up back in the central area near the hostel. We eventually found a restaurant which was open and got some great Cretan food. To begin with we had complimentary ouzo bites with tomato/cheese/oil and then I had a dish called stamna (pork/beef/feta/peppers stew with rice) and Elizabeth had beef stifado (beef stew in tomato based sauce). We also got to try Rethymniaki Blonde beer which was way better than the large brand name Greek lagers we’d had (Mythos and Alfa). At the end we got some weird cake and more tsipouro for dessert which I left to Elizabeth!

We got back to the hostel just in time to miss the torrential downpour that carried on almost all afternoon and evening. We watched a film and hung out and chatted to some of the guys at the hostel before deciding to brave the weather to get some dinner. There was a small grill restaurant really close to the hostel so we made a dash for that and were pleased when we found it was open and busy! We both got souvlaki pitas and where back at the hostel and in the dry in no time. We watched some more stuff on the laptop before heading to bed.

February 16, 2011

We were leaving Crete today but our ferry was not until 9pm. The trouble was that the weather was still crappy and there wasn’t much to do here so after a slow (very slow, actually) morning we headed for lunch and went to get pizza. We shared a spicy Tabasco pizza and Mexican salad. When we got back we decided to watch a film and picked one randomly from our selection that we hadn’t seen before. We chose “Dying Breed” which I would not recommend even if you were desperate and it was all you had. You’d have more fun watching the blank screen!

We got some stuff from the bakery for our dinner and headed to the bus station. We were getting the ferry from Chania and the bus there took around an hour. When we arrived at the ferry terminal we were able to board immediately and so we found a place to sit, had some wine and snacks and watched Live and Let Die on the laptop. I’m slowly educating Elizabeth about Bond and we’re working our way through all of them although this film is one of the worst ones!

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