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Here we are. I flew in from Mexico City.

A view of the hotel zone and the Queen Elizabeth 2 (it...

In the old Port area

they flop the marlins right up on the sidewalk and cut you...

Wouldn't want to climb this tree

Crazy statue of "Tin-Tan." He championed the idea of turning Acapulco into...

You can buy a brand new old school VW Bug here

The flora is strange to me here. Anybody know what kind of...

Acapulco sunset

Went to La Quebrada where the famous cliff divers dwell. They jump...

The divers climb down from one side, jump in ...

and climb up the steep side from which they will dive.

I couldn't get the whole cliff in one photo

At the top are two altars upon which they pray before jumping

He's timing his jump with the incoming tide. Timing is essential !!!

There he is on his way down

These guys are preparing for a simultaneous jump

Splash - Splash. That water is quite shallow. In fact it's just...

The last guy jumped in the dark with two torches from the...

Looking out to sea with the lights on.

The entrance to Fuerte de San Diego, the old fort on top...

As you cross the drawbridge you'd better not have ill intent or...

This fort could control the whole bay with only 18 people

I was there around sunset. It was a beautiful day.

There is a museum inside now with a few ancient artifacts

This is how the Spaniards were greeted when they arrived. The boat...

The Spaniards subjugated the local population.

An impressive statue of a local chieftain

The view of the bay from on of many cannons that line...

This place was impressively well designed for defending

Sunset from atop the fort

Me with hair to match the fort

Who goes there !!!! Pledge your allegiance to the Good King Sonny...

There's a little door for little people

The Zocalo in Acapulco

The Church at The Zocalo

Another strange tree

A fountain in the center of The Zocalo

Clowns putting on a show on a leisurely Sunday evening

When I got to town I had booked a hostle for two nights. I was in a cubicle with 4 beds (2 sets of bunk beds) and an air conditioner that woke me up freezing. The area, called Condesa Beach, is a strip right along the beach in the hotel zone that is filled with gringo-isms (my word): Dominos, McDonalds, Wal-Mart and all the other big players are there. And everything for sale has a gringo tax attached. After two days I moved to the Old Port area of town. This area of town had the character befitting a port that had been established centuries before. Old colonial style buildings (many in disrepair to American eyes), street vendors selling drinks mixed in trash cans, thatch roofed restaurants lining the beach, coconut trees.

One thing I must say about Acapulco is that it's the loudest place I've ever been.

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