Nancy & Tony's Little Break travel blog

View from our cottage balcony

View from room, more rain on the way

Down on the beach

View from inside our room

Lake Malawi

Tony playing bau a game the locals taught us.

The long walk out when the road closed due to rain!

Well this bus trip has been the worst!!!! It left Blantyre late, but we were quite pleased about this as we knew that it was not getting to Nkhata Bay until 4.30am and we were very nervous about this.... (Not tonys idea, but he was keeping me happy as i decided i could not do 3 more bus trips and stations in one day and wanted to just do it in one!!) so ok i only have myself to blame..... It started of ok as we had nothing but rain in Blantyre and were happy to leave, the bus driver took pity on us mazungo's (whites) and said we could put our bags in the front of the bus (no one else was allowed)and thankfully the locals all seemed to feel sorry for us and smiled not complained about it, we were allocated seats the day before but of cause that means jack shit!! we started off ok with me and tony and a skinny local on a 3 seater, luck changed when skinny got off and the fattest woman in africa squeezed and i mean squeezed her self in next to me and t.... and we still had hours to go. The driving was also very haphazard of course, but we should have realised this would not be the safest journey in the world when we left Blantyre, a female passenger got up and led everyone in the lords prayer!!!

The relief when we got off at 4.30am was enormous almost forgot to be nervous about being there at that time.... as per usual even at that time people come running to get your business, thankfully for us lemon squezzy (yes that is what he called himself and of course didnt leave us alone till we left nkhata bay) rescued us and took us to this nightclub still blasting out shite music at 4.30am and there we waited till the sun came up for a bumpy ride to njaya lodge, which was our oasis for the next 3 days, we had this stunning view from our stone cottage over the lake, unlucky for us the rain stayed with us but at least let up now and then for us to enjoy it, we were well rested and ready for more adventures at the end of our 3 days.

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