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After leaving Mosquito we were supposed to be heading towards Telavi which is a big wine area for a wine tour (Georgia actually has more natural grape varieties than any other countries in the world with over 500 types!). However Sue and George had been told by a tourism officer that Sighnaghi was just as good and that the truck would not be able to make it to Telavi due to the roads anyway. He also told them that there would be camping available at the local university. Supposedly the drive from Mosquito to Sighnaghi should have taken a couple of hours max, well after 2 hours we found ourselves back at Mosquito! (George and Sue had taken several wrong turns) It certainly is turning out to be an exploritory trip.So we headed off in the pouring rain for our wine tour.

Well, we got to Sighnaghi five hours later, couldn't find the campsite and ended up staying in a taxi drivers. This was little more than a space on the floor and a toilet - but no electricity or running water - very authentic but we were all happy not to be putting up our wet tents in the middle of nowhere!

As it was pouring with rain still, our local wine tour comprised going to the shop and buying some wine, as well as going to the local public toilets where the toilet attendant gave you a free glass and some bread/cheese and salami if you wanted it, as well as a free grope on the arse if you were a girl!! So an interesting wine tour to say the least. However I cannot complain too much as the shop stocked a silver medal red wine (Saperavi), which was pretty good and what we ended up drinking for the rest of the time in Georgia.

It was a shame it was raining however, as Sighnaghi was a lovely little italianite town on top of a hill and we would have got great views if the rain had actually stopped. The buildings have all been done up so it was a very pretty little place, which was surrounded by a city wall complete with towers. There are actually 27 towers – one for every village – the whole village would hide in the towers when invaders came. There is obviously a bit more money here as the houses have all been done up and even the cobbled streets are finished!

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