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Ah Venice (Venezia)

What a place. We stepped off the train, walked outside and straight into a canal with a fifteenth century church just sitting there!!

We got lost through the streets and found a kiwi guy who showed us where the piazza was so we could try and find the hotel.

After walking around aimlessly we walked into a doorway, and hey presto, found the hotel. So back across the square and we get bunked in a four bed room with two awesome guys.

Stefan is polish and straight away gave us beer and asked us to come out with him and his friend that night.

Tom was canadian and was trying to talk everyone into going to the Yukon area in canada.

So off we go with Stefano and meet his mate Johannes and from there walked, water taxied and sat around venice all night. It was really great having someone who knew the town and could tell us lots of stuff and feed us cheap spritz all night.

Spritz is a drink made out of Amoretto, wine and soda water that cost 1.50 a pop and makes warheads candy look soft. But it was cheap and after eating our two euro pizza slices we were not complaining.

In italy you can get a slice of pizza cheaply. The 'slice' is about a quarter of a large family pizza in Australia and costs 2 euros.

So the next day with a slight hangove we set of to the pattisserie on the way to see tom off at the train station. We got two georgeous profiteroles and a cappuccino for 2.60 total. baragain.

Then we got onto a water taxi and cruised down the canals taking so many photo's we got sore fingers and then Kirsty fell in love with all the masks on display. They are truly beautiul and even the cheap ones are great.

(we have not bought any for anyone as we are already over weight for our flight to the uk!!)

The it was a great afternoon having lunch beside the canal and strolling through the back alleys on the way back.

A few more beers and spritz later it was off to dinner and a bar for teaching the germans australian sayings and how to insult people properly.

We left venice the next morning and promised to go to Bergamo to catch up with stefan again.

At the station when he cam to say goodbye, he actually had the whole carriage laughing doing an impersonation of a weeping wife and then chasing the train up the platform until he hit the railway service car head on.

A great guy, kind of like Tahy in a lot of ways but not as many muscles :-)

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