LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

The Citadel - Hue

Feeding of the 5000

This overnight train was the same same but different as the lastr one. WE went straight to the restaurant car for a couple moer beers (so we could sleep on the train, of course...) and played cards with a local who spoke no English. Funny how he caught onto Gin and Blcakjck so fast and kept winning...

Arrived in Hue 11:00. We didn't really take to this town... We only stopped there because it's on the beaten path. We stayed one day. Visited the Citadel as a token gesture but then it started to rain (first time on the trip!)so went back to the hotel and watched movies. Went for dinner at a place run by an old hippie Vietnamese guy with long blond hair. Then went ni search of a TV to watch, get this, football! But no such luck. Called it an early night and couldn't wait to get the Hue outa there (hee hee!)

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