Our next stop, look for the "you are here" sign, Memorial Point...

It is a wowser..



View from the overlook..

The walk down to the lake...


Lots of info too..



Last one!

Our next stop on our drive around Lake Tahoe was the Memorial Point Overlook. Lake Tahoe is often touted as being one the most beautiful lakes in the United States and often referred to as the "Jewel of the Sierra." One of the best shoreline spots found on the Nevada side that required very little effort for scenic reward is the Memorial Point Overlook located in Lake Tahoe State Park. The overlook is situated on the northeast side of the lake, between Sand Harbor Park and Incline Village.

From the parking area, you can access a visitor center and/or walk down the short dirt path to the shore. There are information plaques found along the path, which meanders along the shoreline. Anglers appreciate Memorial Point for the ease of access and for a shoreline holding large granite rocks well suited as fishing platforms. Eventually, the path climbs back up to the parking lot on the other side of the visitor center.

It was a WOWSER and not to be missed. Check back later for more of our drive around beautiful Lake Tahoe.

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