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Judie's photo of the class

Sunset's here!

Just waiting

Bird soaring in the evening

Just waiting at Useless Bay

Bronze in Langley

Church Steeple in afternoon sun

Coupeville Old Ferry Building

Old Ferry building

Mt Baker from pier

Fisherman on pier

Daiseys in Langley

Road down to water

Tree branch

Example depth of field f-22

Example depth of field f-2.0

Fort Casey at sunset shoot

Sunset shootFort Casey 1

Sunset shoot Fort Casey 2

Sunset shoot with class silhouette

Langley hanging basket typical in post

Langley Art 1

Langley Art 2

Langley Art 3

Langley Art in Flowers

Langley Art 4

Movie Theater in Langley

Sign in Langley

Stairs to beach 1

Stairs to beach 2

Langley downtown

Street scene with old scale

Motor cycle intake

Tri color plants

Park compass

Osprey at beach shoot

Table setting in Langley

Phone booth still in use

Flower in shade

Flower in morning sun

Sign in Langley

Beach sunset 1

Beach sunset 2

Beach sunset 3

Beach sunset 4

Beach sunset 5 with contrail

Beach sunset 6 with fishing boat

Totum pole in Langley

Totum pole

Saturday was an early rise and although we set the alarm for 6 am, Ed did not need the alarm since he was excited about the class and was awake early. Judie drove him to the class so she could have the car for the day. She had a plan to make some stops along the way to pick up some things and rest at the coach after some cleaning.

The class started with a morning of classroom work learning more about ISO, f-stops, shutter speed, depth of field, etc. After lunch we went on a photo shoot walking around Langley with a travel theme to show Langley. The photos will be review in class on Sunday. After a little more class room learning we finished at 5:30 so we could have dinner before the sunset shoot.

Judie picked me up and we had dinner before returning at 7:30 to go to a local beach for the sunset shoot. It was a lot of fun doing the sunset shoot, although the conditions were not ideal for a sunset. We were finished by 9 pm and then the hour travel back to the coach. It was a long day but fun for both of us, Judie sewing and Ed in the class.

Sunday was a repeat of up early (no sunrise shoot for us) and to Langley by 8 am. Morning photo shoot around town to get a different light and no vehicles or pedestrians. The afternoon was spent critiquing some of the photos each student shot and a summary of what we learned. Another sunset shoot after dinner but this time at Fort Casey State Park. We again did not have terrific conditions, with a low haze over the water. The wind was blowing and we did not stay long after the sunset to get photos with the sun reflections in the clouds. Judie actually shot one of the best photos from near the car with 3 of us and our cameras and tripods as a silhouette. The group said goodbye and we ended another great day of the photo class. I would take another class from Peter at any time and recommend him to others. Back to the Coach after another long but fun day.

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