This map shows the part of Lake Tahoe we visited today..

Our first stop was this awesome California State Park...

A wowser sandy beach with blue waters and mountains...

Lots of people and birds enjoying the area..



Town view..

Great shops..


Crossing the line into Nevada..

Crystal Bay, Nevada...

Crystal Bay has a lot of huge casino hotels..

The bay is incredible!!

I would love one of these homes on the water and a...


Last one, check out those massive mountains....

This update covers our stop at Kings Beach in California, and Crystal Bay in Nevada. Ever been in two states at the same time? The California/Nevada state line cleaves Crystal Bay Lake Tahoe and you can actually stroll from one state to the other along the cool waters of the bay. We loved the beautiful town of Kings Beach in California and had to stop our drive around Lake Tahoe again when we saw the beautiful water at Crystal Bay. The drive around this incredible lake is amazing. I am adding pictures from Kings Beach first, the rest will be of Crystal Bay, both are spectacular.

Kings Beach is one of the more densely populated areas of Lake Tahoe. It is located on the North Shore just after the border between Nevada and California. It's a very walkable town with shops, restaurants, and tons of hotels to choose from. Of course, the main reason for going to Kings Beach is the beach. :-) The beach at Kings Beach is public and a popular spot for picnics, swimming, and kayaking. It is also wonderful in the winter since the sand gets a lot of sunshine. Crystal Bay will make you want to settle down and buy a boat. :-) I hope you enjoy the pictures, we are having a great time exploring all the towns and small villages around Lake Tahoe. Check back later for more.

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