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Inside the stadium pre-game... well about 10 minutes gone by the time...

Gorgeous day for some football!

Pretty full stadium

View from my seat behind the goal

Grasshoppers fans cheering on their team

Pretty nice, small stadium



Date: April 10, 2011

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

This weekend in Zurich was a public holiday so a group of us from work met up on the Sunday and had a few beers and a barbeque. Also that day was the local derby here in Zurich so we decided to head to the football too. The two local teams were not as evenly matched in the league as the two Milan teams last week, with FC Zurich second in the league and Grasshoppers languishing near the bottom. I’d been to a match previously involving Grasshoppers and they weren’t very good so it seemed fitting that I should pick them as my team to follow here. That may of course change in FCZ win the league and get drawn with a big European side next season! We sat in with the Grasshoppers fans and I headed straight for the main part of the crowd while my colleagues headed for the quieter corner. For many of them, it was their first football match and I don’t think they wanted to be right in the centre. For me, I’ve been to (at a guess) at least 600 matches so the thought of a load of Swiss “hooligans” wasn’t a scary thought. However, I was spoken to twice during the match by members of a hooligan group called the Bulldogs who asked why I was taking pictures and where I was from. The first guy was quite threatening but the second was a little more interested and actually wanted a copy of the pictures! The game itself was pretty bad and only a late goal gave FCZ a 1-0 win. Having seen Grasshoppers lose to Basel 2-1 a couple of weeks ago I thought I might be a bad omen for them! After the game, we had to walk the long way around the stadium as the police had put a barrier up to stop fans fighting. I hadn’t seen a single policeman in Milan with 80,000 people around but there were loads here to control the fiery Swiss!

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