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We survived yet another overnighter bus ride down to Río Gallegos...pronounced with so much slurring no one could understand me when I pronounced it in my northern spanish. So I improvised and just slurred the whole second word together and suddenly everyone knew what i was talking about. A possible new strategy???

Our plan was to stop over in Río Gallegos to see if we could visit one of Aregentina's newest marine parks about 250km north of town, Monte Leon. Our guide book didn't mention any transportation there or tours but we thought we would give it a shot ourselves in Río and see what we could find out. And the answer...nothing! No tours and due to the conditions of the roads renting a car is very expensive. So we bagged that plan and just decided to burn a day or so in Río and wait for our bus to Puerto Natales.

At this point we had been staying in dorms for about a week trying to save a little dinero and were just about at our limit. The dorm room have as many bunk beds cramed into them as humanly possible and you are given a small locker to store all of your things. Because Darin and I are traveling together we are usually given one to share adding to the fun. One of the places the beds were so close Darin was practically sleeping on the same bed as the guy next to him. Again watching our pennies (and our digestive tracts for that matter, half the time we have no idea what we are ordering when we eat out and usually down the road end up paying the gastronomical price) we have been buying groceries to make our own meals. Good idea right? Not in the combat kitchen, sharing a kitchen with 15 other people who are hungry and tired isn't your relaxing evening at home. Apparently Darin or I are not cut out for the communal dorm life.

We decided to treat ourselves and what is the best thing you can give two people who have been sleeping on buses and staying in dorms for the last week??? A private room with a TV! We were SO excited you would have thought we were headed out on a expedition to Antarctica or something. I could have stayed in the room all day sleeping and catching up on my movies, Darin convinced my it was a good idea to leave the room for food. We have since decided no more dorms if we can help it, spend the money for a little sanity.

Our next stop is the gateway to the famous Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales.


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