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The Wararot market. Very crowdy.

Strawberries at Wararot market, Chiang Mai’s Chinatown.

A Limo Tuk-Tuk, extended version.

Wararot market at Chinese New Years Eve.

Sushi food vendor at Wararot.

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

A very young musician at the Sunday Walking Street market.

In front of this temple, the 2-kilomtres Sunday Walking Street ends.

Part of the old city wall and the wall grave.

Mae Nam Ping – the Ping River.

12 February.

Back in Chiang Mai again and once again I have checked-in at the Lai Thai Guesthouse. I arrived in the early afternoon. I must confess that I am rather satisfied with my planning for this Northern Loop. Maybe I was a little bit ambitious with the planning to what to see and what to do, but with some cuttings here and there, it became a rather good and interesting trip. I also have to admit that I, for the moment am rather tired of mountains, winding and serpentine roads and freezing cold mornings. In the evening I decided to go to the Night Bazaar, the busiest shopping area in Chiang Mai. It became some purchases, some T-shirts and some souvenirs. My total luggage became one or two kilos heavier. But, no problem, in the end I will mail some luggage, so no overweight problem will arise.

13 February.

For the first time in three day’s, I don’t have to pack my luggage, for continued travelling. I could have a long and good sleep, without any fear to oversleep. Today is it one month since I arrived to Thailand and I have not yet seen any rain, not a single raindrop. I do know that there were some rain during the nights when I was in Chiang Mai in the end of January. Today I decided to go to the Saturday Walking Street. It is a street closed off for car traffic and full of vendors. Maybe it is not so much for the tourist; there was very little which caught my interest. Anyway it was fun to look around. This Saturday market is only foreplay off the much bigger Sunday Walking Street. I did not buy anything, just took part of the scene.

14 February.

Time to think about my future travelling. Today I visited a travel agent; to buy some flight tickets. I can not say that I am fully satisfied with my bookings, but that is what happens when you booking late, some flights are fully booked other have only full prize tickets, so it became some sort of a compromise. Later in the afternoon I visited the Wararot market, Chiang Mai’s Chinatown. I did not know it before, but today it is the Chinese New Year. On this day, we leave the year of the ox and go to the year of the tiger. What that means and depends, you have to ask someone other, I don’t know. However a lot of celebrations were going on. In the evening I went to the Sunday Walking Street, a much bigger version of the present day’s Saturday market. Here there is a 2-kilometre road closed from traffic and filled with thousands of street vendors, mostly selling clothes, souvenirs, handicraft and street food. There were also many artists performing of different kind. It was a nice experience to stroll around, even if it in the end became a very long walk.

15 February.

A day of very much rest and relax. Since it is my second last day here in Chiang Mai, I am not up to doing any bigger adventures. I think that I have been here so many times and also spend so much time here, so I guess that all attractions, at least in central Chiang Mai, I have already seen. So instead of doing something, I took it very easy and spend most of the time to relax, eating good food and some drinking.

16 February.

My last full day here in Chiang Mai. I decided to do a walking tour of my own. By a co-incidence, I discovered that I was near a river Ping boat landing and there were tour boats. I took a quick decision to join a smaller boat trip for two hours. The boat trip itself, was maybe not so much special, but to get away from big city and at least for a short time se some country side, was very nice.

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