McLeod Family Trip 2010 travel blog

Eiffle Tower


Arc de Trioumph

Rest time

On the bus

View from the top

Sacre Couer

Night in Paris

On to the Subway at Montmarte and onto Eiffle Tower. There was abig WOW! at the first sighting of the tower. There was a second wow from Dad when we saw the ques. So we walked around, lots of photos,bartering with souvineer sellers which Mum is very good at and the boys started getting into it too, Some good deals. The seller said the best time for the tour is 5pm so we decide to go. Over bridge Seine River to French Assembly,,,more souvineer sellers everywhere but great views. Underground to Arc de Triomph, Walk down Champs Elysee down to Jardins Tullieries and on to Musee Louvre. Lovely parks. Crepe and Baguette Jambon for lunch. Boys intrigued about toilets. We cue up and a woman tells you where to peepee! Thats her job!

We decide to get on the Hop on Hop off bus and cruise arond Paris. It takes all the sights and saves the legs. Commentary in English. Boys enjoy being on top of doulble decker. Got to be careful of low tree branches. Couple of close calls. Caught subway to Eiffle Tower and much better less people so up we go right to the top. Stunning views of Paris. Back to the hotel for Pasta and then up to Sacre Couer which is very close to us. Wonderful views of night time Paris especially Eiffle Tower. Went into church and there was a mass on at 10.30 at night can you believe that!!Spoke to a security guard outside in excellent french (of course)and he told me they celebrate mass every night at 10.30..amazing!Church looked absolutely beautiful lit up with candles.We lit two candles for our family and friends back home and for all the mothers on 'Mothers Day' Nice to hear the singing and watch the service in this huge cathedral.Wanted to stay until the end but boys pretty tired so down the stairs to bed.Been a big day but felt at home back in France.

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