2011 Triangle Tour travel blog

Unusual round water tower in Gonzales

Winnie stopped for lunch

Vineyards near Paso Robles

Wild pigs escaping up the embankment

Anybody know what this is?

I'm in the pokey

Winnie at Paso Robles RV Ranch next to a Casita

Had problems with the internet last night so couldn't post this so here it.

We headed south this morning along US 101, el Camino Real for much of the way. I decided to travel this route rather than the more scenic Pacific Coast Highway because I thought that neither Winnie nor I wanted to negotiate the rather narrow and contorted route along the coast. It's beautiful, but would have been hair raising. We'll get to see the Pacific as 101 hugs the coast down in the Santa Barbara area where it's much more Winnie friendly.

US101 runs inland through the Salinas Valley. Still lots of fertile farm land. When you think of California, you usually think about LA or SF. There still alot of open space outside those metropolitan areas.

We saw an unusual water tower in Gonzales. I did a Google search but didn't find any information on the tank other than pictures. I did find that the town is nicknamed the "Wine Capital of Monterey County," but prior to that it was known as "The Heart of the Salad Bowl" (due to its central location in the Salinas Valley). Before that it was nicknamed "Little Switzerland" because of the similarities of the valley landscape to Switzerland as well as the predominantly Swiss community at the time. I'm not sure I agree that it looks like Switzerland.

We decided to pull off 101 for lunch. After stopping we took a cross country route back to 101. We're glad we did because we managed to see a road runner and a small herd of what looked like feral pigs. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of the roadrunner because it was too fast. I got a picture of a few of the pigs before they scampered up an embankment into a vineyard.

We stopped for the night at the Paso Robles RV Ranch.

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