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Boardwalk that extends from the campground at Suwannee River Hideaway to the...

The boardwalk is 1/4 mile long and takes you over the swamp...

Cypress and pine trees growing up out of the swamp

You are greeted with this beautiful view once you get to the...

We would take at least two walks a day to see these...

We were sure there were other creatures hiding from us but this...

Goodbye Suwannee River Hideaway

Arrival at our happy place, Low Key Hideaway in Cedar Key

The decor is so unique and kitschy

Dock leading from the campsites/motel out into the bay

Every day we were treated to this beauty

This young osprey perched himself on a shipwrecked boat off our dock

Downtown Cedar Key

Cedar Key is known as a haven for artists

Christmas humor

Just a small example of the devastation from Hurricane Hermine last September

Marcko, our tour guide at the Southern Cross Clam Farm

The clam farm grows its own algae to feed the clams in...

Marcko demonstrating another step in the 2 year long process from beginning...

They ship ship over 50 million clams a year!

Manatee Springs on the Lower Suwannee River Reserve

The springs are a constant 74 degrees which attracts manatee

The Shell Mound dates back to 2,500 BC and is over 6,000...

The local Indians harvested the clams and oysters and discarded the shells...

Another Low Key day comes to an end

The RV/aka Casa Grande, loved how this setting showed it off

Low Key sunset

The quirky Tiki Bar is another reason we love this place

Look carefully for all the unique and funky decorations

Tiki Bar at sunset

Sam, the bartender, playing her guitar for the crowd

Life is good inside the Tiki Bar

Matt and Bryan joined us for a few days, too much fun!

Our neighbors at Low Key Hideaway and now dear friends, Ann and...

Enjoying a fresh clam dinner with Ann and Ray

Kaia says "Merry Christmas!"

Greetings from Florida, Dennis’ home state! After leaving Georgia we headed south to Perry, Florida where we stayed at a nice Elks Lodge. We had a minor repair done there and met some nice people who camped alongside us at the Elks. We spent an evening visiting and sharing drinks and appetizers.

After two nights there we traveled 60 miles south to Old Town, Florida and stayed at a place we had been to twice on our travels, Suwannee River Hideaway. This campground is family owned and is unique because they have a ¼ mile boardwalk that runs from the campground to the Suwannee River over a swamp. We would walk there each morning and evening and take pleasure in the gorgeous and ever changing views from the dock. The 246-mile long Suwannee River runs from South Georgia into Florida before it flows into the Gulf of Mexico and is inhabited by gators, bob cat, otter, fox. And in the Lower Suwannee area where there are many springs, the manatee flock to the warm waters there. We were ecstatic to finally have campfires again due to the ban in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia due to the drought. We knew we wanted to stay in Cedar Key next but couldn’t get a hold of the RV park we wanted to stay at and see again, Low Key Hideaway, so we drove the 40 miles one day and were SO excited to get one of their three spots starting the next day!!

Cedar Key is also on the Gulf of Mexico and is a small town whose predominant source of income is tourists and clamming. We had stayed there about 6 years ago, fell in love with the town and the RV Park/Motel/Tiki Bar associated with it that we wrote an article about Cedar Key for MotorHome magazine and it was finally published in October of 2015. Unfortunately, the town was hit hard by Hurricane Hermine last September and is just starting to recover. We set up at Low Key Hideaway and we were so fortunate to meet some wonderful people who we know consider dear friends after spending a week together there. Ann and Ray were amazing and we had a blast visiting, going to the Tiki Bar and we even took a tour of a clam farm with them!! Additionally, our friends from Michigan, Bryan and Matt also joined us for a couple days; RV folks are for the most part, good people! While there we walked into town a couple days, visited local sights such as the Shell Mound, the Lower Suwannee River Reserve and the Cedar Key Scrub Reserve. A bulk of our time was spent enjoying the scenery around the RV and just relaxing. We could sit on our deck and watch the herons, spoonbills, pelicans, osprey and eagles soaring above us searching for prey and sitting in the marsh patiently waiting for the next meal…..absolute paradise!

Now onto our next stop, Homosassa Springs where we hope to see manatee!

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