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BMW Museum

BMW Museum - cool little car

Cool little car being driven around



Old cycle

Awesome old cars


Awesome old cars

Awesome old cars

Old name plates from BMWs

Stupid outfit

BMW symbol

Bond. James Bond.

Bond. James Bond. Again





Arty cars. Some were really cool and interesting designs.












Olympicpark, Munich

In the main square in Munich


Stupid band in the Hofbrauhaus!

Amazing outfit. I want to get one for Elizabeth

This dude was having the time of his life.

Date: April 16-17, 2011

Location: Munich, Germany

This weekend I went away for a quick trip to Munich, accompanied by one of my new colleagues, Ryan. He’d never been out of the US before until a few weeks ago so I thought it only fair I dragged him to Munich with me! We had an early start but after some bacon sandwiches to keep us going we were in the city by lunchtime and able to head straight for lunch. We found a smaller Augustiner bar near to the hostel and tucked into some traditional German food and, of course, a couple of beers. Not wanting to waste the whole weekend drunk, we ventured out to the BMW museum in the afternoon and there was a really cool exhibit on showing cars which had been painted by famous artists, including Roy Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol. After a quick view over the Olympic Stadium for some pictures, we ventured back into the centre. I’m ashamed to say that was pretty much our weekend done as the drinking soon commenced in the hostel and we got chatting to a load of people, played some pool, drank some beer, stole some beer glasses and woke up with horrific hangovers. I felt so bad and even after dragging myself out for pizza I didn’t feel any better and spent the whole day asleep on the sofa at the hostel until it was time to get the train back! Of course, having slept all day I couldn’t sleep when I got home to bed!

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