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Early morning visitor to our camp, this will be the last we...


Redwoods in better light



A new bridge being built over one of the canyons


I liked the look of the light behind the trees on the...


This igloo took my fancy, hiding some equipment inside.



First siting of vines around Mendicino


Here's a welcoming sign to see




Now this is a good looking sign....

Charles Krug - this is the winery A & M got married

Avenue of trees leading into St Helena


Main street, St Helena

Vine yards in the Napa Valley


some of the vineyards had varying colours

Day 214 Wednesday 12th November NAPA yes we’re back

This morning there was quite a bit of pep in the step as you might say. We were on count-down mode until cuddle time.

What a difference a day makes, as they say in the classics. We woke up to sunshine and blue skies. During the early part of our drive we encounted a few more Redwood forest areas, not as large as yesterday’s National forests, but still as beautiful and even more impressive with a bit of sunshine on them.

We wound our way thru the hills south of Redway and within 2 hours we were pulling into one of our favourite areas, Healdsburg, which is only an hour or so north of the Napa Valley region. This is also a wine growing district and the township itself reflects this with many wine-orientated style shops, café style eat outs, mingled with plenty of up-market eateries. We parked in front of a clothing shop which catered for babies thru to adults; of course I had to have a look inside. Hmmmm well I could have gone crazy in there had it not been for the prices, some of the babies clothing range in this up-town style boutique was well into the hundreds of dollars, then I found a pair of ladies pj’s, are you ready for it $395, unbelievable, I showed Steve he just rolled his eyes and said “let’s get out of here”.

What is free in this town, it its beauty: the town square is set around a lovely park and our walk around, thru the park and the bordering shops was lovely. We stopped in a café and had lunch, though we’d celebrate our last meal on the road, but it proved to be not such a good idea as the sandwiches we both chose were rather average. Not to worry, we had more important things on our minds.

The final stage of our drive was down to Santa Rosa, then over the mountain to Calistoga, thru St Helena and down the valley to Napa. Our drive, as you can imagine, took us past many wineries, the fields of grape vines were in different stages of colour changing, some were already brilliant red others still in the early stages of greens thru to golden yellows.

We arrived back in Highland Drive around 3pm. Micah came out to greet us; Angela was of course, still at work. I went with Micah to collect Isabelle shortly after from the carer Marlo, wow what a big girl she is now. She is just beautiful and took no time at all adjusting to these two ‘old fogies’’ who have just appeared back into her life – it was smiles all round. It’s nice to be back to the warm weather and sunshine.

Here are a few stats and costs we had along the journey:

Total distance travelled: 27,904 miles (44,906kms)

Fuel costs: US$12,213 (ave $57 per day) Most expensive gas $6 p/gal in the Yukon, Canada - least exp $2.15 p/gal South Dakota

Total nites away 214 RV parks 93 ($2,440) Free: 121

Food: $3000 Propane: $146 RV maintenance: $1400

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