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Ok so the map shows a different town but it is close by well within 100 kms.... Karonga is not on this map and dont have time to get it put on...

The drive up here was stunning especially over the peaks great views down over the lake... luck was on our side as when we arrived at mzuzu, the first crowded and i mean crowded mini bus to karonga was stopped just outside karonga and as tony and i were the last people jammed on to the bus (with half a seat between the two of us) with all bags jammed in front of us as well as a cool bin (full of the stinkiest fish!! which i had seen in the market about 20 mins earlier, of cause on tables in stinking hot sun not cooled at all!! mental note to self not eat fish!!!) so back to story, we got kicked off bus and another arrived, tony rescued packs and i ran for seats i mean ran as everyone was!!! i managed to get us two although of course they crammed 4 extras on beside us (that means 7 in a row where there was meant to be 3) but at least our bums were on seats!! im smiling now as this is all a real experience and we wouldnt miss it for the world and as we keep saying what doesnt kill you makes you stronger!!!

This bus ride was meant to arrive in daylight which of cause it didnt and once again we were in strange town in the dark..... Thankfully once again the locals were friendly and helpful and via a cab ride to a hotel that was full, a walk to a really really dark unmarked hotel with the guard from full hotel, we finally got a bed, but no food!! so out emergency biscuits for dinner and poor tony having to go with the guard from our hotel back to full hotel for water as we were desperate.... but hey we made it safe :)

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